• Stone Sienna Nail Polish
  • Stone Sienna Nail Polish
  • Stone Sienna Nail Polish


Stone Sienna Nail Polish


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To call this cult favourite polish a ‘stony mauve crème’ hardly does it justice. It’s exquisite. Stone is one of our all-time, best-selling colours and complements any look.

Sienna nail polish is proudly ethically made in France, certified vegan & cruelty-free, water permeable and breathable. 

Natural ingredients

Derived from Sugarcane, Cassava, Cotton and Corn.

Innovative, cleanest formula possible

Our exclusive formula is a world first with no nano-particles, no aluminium, no micro plastic, no benzophenone 1 and none of the standard toxic ingredients everyone says no to!

World friendly products

From natural ingredients to the organic timber on our bottles; everything we do is made to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


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